Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Human Video.....GREAT performance!

Two of the boys from the ranch and the houseparents daughter were involved in a human video that was performed this last Sunday at Heartland Fellowship Church in Wilton.  This is where they go to youth group on Wednesday nights.  There were twelve youth from this church that were willing to invest three months into practicing for this human video.  It was a GREAT experience for all involved and we are very proud of Mason, Ryan and Morgan for the outstanding job they did. 


They will be performing this at the Wilton Smorgasboard, the Wilton Founders Day event and at the Muscatine High School on May 3rd at a SOAP event. I will try to post more info later on times and dates.

If you would like to view the human video drama presentation just click here and ENJOY! http://youtu.be/pzhf-hIyQT4