Saturday, September 26, 2009

My poster add for next years MCH Challenge Bike Ride!

Today was our 4th Annual MCH Challenge Bike Ride thanks to Dick Grimm and his wife Karen. Bikers come from all over to ride either 25, 50, 72 or 100 miles. This young man, Cliff Warner, age 70 has not completed a 100 mile ride for 15 years.....until TODAY! Wow can you imagine being 70 and riding 100 miles...I can't even imagine riding 100 miles at my age. But, there are several dedicated men and women out there that ride all over. We had a great turn out....74 bikers. This is just a start of pictures from our bike ride today....I will be posting more on the original website on the Special Event page. Keep checking back if you rode you might see your picture. Thanks so much all you supporters for riding in the MCH Challenge and all you who donated through this fundraiser. We brought in $3369.65. We serve an awesome God that continues to keep our doors open through people like this who participate in our fundraisers. If the doors don't stay open we can't help boys feel good about themselves because of success.
So again....thanks so much and don't forget to check back in the near future on the Special Event page for more pictures from the Bike Ride.
So Thankful,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where does the time go?

Well the M & M Fest was a great success we raised $3,796.00 with donations, horse plop and silent auction. We had some great groups out sharing the God given talent with all of us here on the Ranch Property; it was a beautiful day!

The Nester family moved on to a different job, after finding out houseparenting wasn't for them. We thank them for helping out while we were going through our unthinkable circumstance. We are looking forward to a family from Texas to join us as soon as they sell their house. Please join us in prayer for the Clawson family and the selling of their house. They will be moving into the cabin Jim and I have lived in for the last 13 years and after being here for a short time we will fill their home up with 4 boys on the waiting list; along with their own 4 boys.

Jim and I will be moving into the smaller cabin on the ranch property, with the two boys that are living with us right now; Andy and Hector. They are doing great right now, just getting started back in school. Here is an awesome picture of them as we went horse riding one night.

We have been speaking at churches a lot lately but could always use more churches or groups to share what great things God continues to do at the Boys Ranch.
Continuing to Trust HIM,