Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hurt hand....need prayer from our helping hands!

I know I just wrote about Dylan...however, he could use some prayer right now.  I don't know what it is about Jim and a boy from the ranch going to a pro game but last year Jim tore his bicep and could not go to the game and this year Dylan has a very sore hand.  He was playing football last night and got his hand smashed between two helmets and stepped on.  He and his parents were in the emergency room last night till wee hours in the morning and they said they don't see a fracture now but said it could show up later, so he is in a splint for now.  If it does not get better he will need to go in for a recheck.

So in saying all this pray for him so that he can still enjoy the game tomorrow in St. Louis.

Thanks again for all your support!

Serving HIM,


Friday, September 28, 2012

This young man is going to a pro game!

Last year this young man made the HONOR ROLL all 4 quarters which earned him the rights to a pro game.  He will be going this Sunday with Jim to the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS game against the RAMS in St. Louis.  I'm thinking he might be a little excited.  He has waited awhile to get paid up for his great job in school last year.  Dylan will be graduating from High School in January mid-term.  His plans aren't set in stone yet but he is very seriously thinking about going to Northwestern Christian College in Minnesota. 
Please continue to pray for him as he finishes out the program here at the ranch, that he will take with him the tools that he has learned.  He is a GREAT kid and we will miss him when he leaves. 
Now back to the game....I think there is somebody else that is a little excited to go to this game too.  Jim has set up a challenge for over 40 boys that if they make the honor roll all 4 quarters or carry straight A's for 1 quarter he will take them to a pro game.  This will be the first time Jim will be able to take a boy from the ranch to a pro game.  He missed out last year when Charles was able to go because he just tore his bicep and was in severe I'm sure my guy is a little excited after waiting for 20 years to be able to take a boy from the ranch to a pro game. 
I'm sure they are going to have fun and a memory that will last a life time. 
GO RAMS!  oops I'm sure Dylan will be saying GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!
Thanks for praying for the boys here at the ranch and helping us give these boys a chance.
Serving HIM,