Monday, May 7, 2007

Breathing a little easier!

Had a phone call from our car insurance company today, stating that if our Rav4 was damaged, due to needing a miracle, it would be covered but if there was any damage to anyone else's property or vehicle, NOTHING would be covered. UGH! Then at about 6:00 we got a phone call that the Rav4 was found, it was parked in front of houses on Friday night, the lights left on. Nobody reported it, one guy said he just moved into the neighborhood and he just figured his neighbor had somebody visiting. The Rav4 was unharmed, AMEN, and we just had the oil changed, so we could see according to the miles that he just drove it to Davenport and parked it.

However, we still have no idea where the boy is. Jim has guardianship, so we would still appreciate your prayers, for him and his protection. We also were going to leave on the 16th to go to Texas to help our grandson celebrate his 1 year birthday, but if we don't find him before then, Jim will probably not be able to leave the state, even if we do find him before then we are not sure what we will do about Jim's airplane ticket because, we won't want to leave him with Curtis, our youngest son, after all this has happened. Please continue to pray for this situation, and thank you for your prayers already because we are breathing a little easier, knowing that he is not driving around in a vehicle with no drivers license.


We thank you for the fact that the vehicle is back and the boy is not riding around in it, however, we are very concerned about his protection and well being, please put your loving arms around him, wrap him up, and soften his heart so he will turn himself in, and come back to the ranch, to let you continue to work on his heart. Please watch over him where ever he is, and bring him back safely to us like you did the vehicle. We thank you and praise you in advance for what you are going to do through this whole ordeal that took place.

In Jesus Name,


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