Tuesday, August 28, 2007


School has started, schedules are in full swing, football games are about to start, and I'm already exhausted. The boys are learning that they need to pay attention to schedules, if they don't they have listening excercises from Jim to help them learn to listen to schedules. We have 4 out of the 5 boys in football right now. The night before their first scrimmage, we ask them what time they were suppose to be in at the school. Guess what? We got 4 different times, then we ask them what time it started and not one of them knew. They were to find out when they went to school the next day and let us know, not one of them called and not one of them came home after school. We chose not to go to the scrimmage to support them, hoping to let them know that communication is a big part in the life of family. When we got the call that they were ready to be picked up, Jim went in to get them and didn't say anything to them and told them to meet him on our football field. They got a taste of a listening excercise. I'm sure they felt like they were in a boot camp. I think that they are going to make sure to listen to the coach when he gives a time of when practices are or when they are suppose to be at the school for a game.

By the way this was not the first time since football started that we didn't know what time they were suppose to be on the field, actually it was about the 4th. Remember we don't just have one boy out for football, we have 4. It has been so frustrating, but I think we might be getting through to them that listening and communicating are a huge part of family life.

Listening and communicating are also used every day in your job, we have to teach these boys the importance of these two actions, so they will be able to someday hold down a full time job.

Please pray for Jim and I as we continue to try to teach these boys life skills everyday. We would also like prayer for Curtis, he has decided to take another job away from the ranch. He is still going to give us a night off each week and milk for us 8 milkings a month, in exchange for living in the bachelor pad. Which will be a great help, but we will miss him tremendously. We understand he needs to go after his dreams in life, and see what God has in store for him.

We also have our daughter and son-in-law, living here now, instead of Texas. So that means we have some of our grandchildren closer, exciting. They have also told us that they are going to fill in for us occasionally, too. So we will still get some down time. God is good, and knows exactly what is needed at just the hour it is needed.

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