Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sleeping with the cows!

Last night we got home from Clinton after speaking at the Victory Center at about 10:15 just in time to milk the cows. Jim and Zeck went down to milk, to find that one of the cows just had one of her calves. Jim called me to have some of the other boys go down to help him get her inside the barn, so they could milk her, and he put the calf in another pin in the barn. The boys came back up, then Jim and Zeck started milking. Jim got in at about midnight and ask me for the camera because, Zeck did not want the calf to be all by himself his first night here so he was going to sleep in the barn by the calf. Just thought you might like to see Zeck's picture of him sleeping with the baby calf. Looks like Zeck is learning a little about love. When Jim first got the idea of milking cows in this ministry he never imagined that God would use the cows the way he has. Zeck is a living testimony of what the dairy barn has done to change his life. He ask Jim to pray with him to ask Jesus into his life while they were in the barn one night milking the cows. We always tell people we have holy cows because K-love is on at all times in the dairy barn. Thanks for checking in on the ministry God has placed Jim and I in to share about the love of Jesus through something as simple as dairy cows.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you have friends in the cow barn now? That doesnt suprise me, you have always been a true lover, not a fighter!

Nice job.....Ms.Ann