Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where does the time go?

Well the M & M Fest was a great success we raised $3,796.00 with donations, horse plop and silent auction. We had some great groups out sharing the God given talent with all of us here on the Ranch Property; it was a beautiful day!

The Nester family moved on to a different job, after finding out houseparenting wasn't for them. We thank them for helping out while we were going through our unthinkable circumstance. We are looking forward to a family from Texas to join us as soon as they sell their house. Please join us in prayer for the Clawson family and the selling of their house. They will be moving into the cabin Jim and I have lived in for the last 13 years and after being here for a short time we will fill their home up with 4 boys on the waiting list; along with their own 4 boys.

Jim and I will be moving into the smaller cabin on the ranch property, with the two boys that are living with us right now; Andy and Hector. They are doing great right now, just getting started back in school. Here is an awesome picture of them as we went horse riding one night.

We have been speaking at churches a lot lately but could always use more churches or groups to share what great things God continues to do at the Boys Ranch.
Continuing to Trust HIM,


Unknown said...

Thank you for coming to Mulford this weekend. The words and heart behind them, I want you to know that they were heard. And really spoke to my heart. Thank you!

MIracles Can Happen Boys Ranch said...

Thanks for your encouragment Jessica! I was just thinking I need to blog something and then saw that I had a comment. So glad we could be a part of the mission conference. Thanks for having us.