Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tear jerker!

So the other night Andy (one of the boys at the ranch) had Jim listen to a song by Rodney Atkins on You Tube....tonight he says, "Jim you know why I wanted you to listen to that song?" Jim says, "No, Why?" He pointed his finger at Jim and said "Daddy, I've been watching you!" When Jim told me I got tears in my eyes...then I watched the video and I cried some more!"

I'm going to be telling you a little more about Andy in the very near future because he is getting ready to complete the program...but for now I just wanted to share this video with you!

God continues to use Jim and I as garden tools to break up the topsoil and get down to the soft hearts that we know all these boys have. He is so good and I'm so glad he called us into this ministry 18 years ago.

Softening hearts for HIM,

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