Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do you know of parents looking for HELP?

There are parents out there struggling with their son. We have a program that might be exaclty what that young man needs. GOT GUTS (Getting On Track Growing Up To Succed)! Do you want this young man to succeed? Have you Got the Guts to get him in this program that could help him succeed? If you do email Cathy at or call at 563-732-2812.

Got Guts Camp:

who: Boys ages 13 - 17

when: Tuesday - Sunday July 6 - 11

cost: (just lowered) to $200.00 instead of $300.00

Please email or call as soon as possible because the camp is just around the corner.

What is the camp all about? The camp is to encourage young men to be respectful instead of disrespectful young men. To teach good work ethics, to build a character of integrity, to learn about self respect, and most important to learn where true joy comes from.

Who will be running the camp and what will it consist of? Jim and Cathy Fry, program directors of Miracles Can Happen Boys Ranch, will be putting this camp on with the help of several awesome volunteers coming out for the week. There will be exercising, eating, working, snacking, football camp, eating, showering, singing, guest speakers, snacking and sleeping.

If you know a boy that could benefit from Got Guts Camp help spark his families interest so the spark can turn into a flame. That may be his last chance for success!

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