Monday, September 6, 2010

We want to hear you God!

God is trying to tell us something right now but we just can't hear him. We are trying to listen. It feels like we are ready to explode but yet it seems like we are just standing still in this ministry.

God has sent us an awesome family to work along side of us in this ministry, the Clark Family and we are excited! We have been blessed to watch God bring their 19 year old nephew, Mike, to the ranch whom was born deaf. It is so amazing to watch him learn new things and blossom as a young man. I was looking out the window tonight watching him play football with Deuce, (our yellow lab here at the ranch.) I was watching him try to get the ball from Deuce at the same time wondering how I could teach him to tell Deuce to drop it and Deuce understand him. He was aimlessly chasing Deuce and he would not give him that football because he wasn't telling him to drop it. As I sat down tonight to write, I knew I wanted to write something about this but I was just chasing my thoughts around in my head and I wasn't asking HIM to help me! Why do I do that? Why do we do that? He is there for us to ask, so why don't we ask?

Lord, there is a reason for this young man being here right now at this time, help us to listen. He is learning by listening with his eyes about how to be a young man. Help us to teach him what he needs to learn in the time he is here with us. Help us to listen with our eyes so we don't miss the lessons you want to teach us. Lord, we want to hear what you want to tell us in this season of this ministry. Help us to listen. We love you Lord and we want to do your will. In Jesus Name, Amen

Serving HIM,

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Kerry Clark said...

Thanks Cathy. I too, sometimes wonder what it is that He is trying to teach us through Mike. When we finally are made aware of it, it will be one of the most amazing blesings. Of this, I am certain.