Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Psalm 115:14 "May the LORD cause you to flourish,
both you and your children.

Where did all the time go since the last time I posted....been a little busy.

*Proud of our daughter graduating from nursing school.
*While visiting for her graduation Nana was able to go on the
Polar Express with three of the grandchildren.

*Then Nana had all 6 grandchildren in the same place
at the same time and
was able to capture these.
I'm thankful for the Lord causing our children to flourish these beautiful little ones we can enjoy! I'm a little sad that this year when I travel 500 miles to visit all six of these in the same area only three of them will be there. However I'm proud that 3 of these will be in a place serving the Lord with their mommy and daddy in a minstry. It will be a lot harder to visit because now they will be 1000 miles away but so thankful God is going to have them serving Him with girls in need of direction. (I will stick with the boys!) A lot less emotions to deal with. Like I said this Nana is sad....but at the same time proud!

Lord, Help our family to continue to flourish in GREAT ways in the year 2011!

Trusting HIM,

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