Tuesday, June 28, 2011


P. ray for these three young men as they are off to a youth camp this week.

R. ejoice with us as we can see the good in their hearts.

A. ccept this challenge to pray for these boys weekly so they can become mighty MEN of God!

Y. ell out to our Father up above on our behalf as we go into transitioning these boys into Jim and I's home shortly after they come back from this camp. The Clarks will be leaving soon moving onto another chapter in their life. We just trust that God will go with the Clarks and help them to move on in their new chapter but to never forget the impact they made in these three boys lives. We love these boys and we want to help them through this transition and want them to be ready for the next transition when NEW houseparents come along side of us. This will be a major transition in all of our lives here at the ranch so please join with us and PRAY!

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Linda said...

Keeping them in my prayers.