Thursday, April 5, 2007

Do not Steal!

Luke 19:19 Jesus replied, " 'Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false testimony, honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself."
Sometimes it is so hard to carry through with our consequences that we have established when it is so major, but we know that we have to be stable, consistent, and follow through with the rules or we might as well hang up what we are trying to teach them. They at times are just testing to see if we are still going to be there for them.
We just had one of the boys, that have been here for a while just get caught stealing at school. With the school rules he got kicked out of school for three days. Our rules when they get kicked out of school are 2 loads of manure everyday they are kicked out. However our rule for stealing is paying back double the amount that was stolen, this really hurts when the item that was stolen is valued $200.00. So this boy has a huge lesson to learn through this. At first when he got caught he was just going to give up, didn't care and was just going to end up in jail when he got out of here anyway. However, our God, is a powerful and loving God and the holy spirit got to working on him while he was loading the manure, his attitude changed, and he worked off his consequences and is ready to try again, and start to accept the fact that he can succeed and that he wants to succeed.
Please pray for this young man, help him to continue to realize that yes, he can be forgiven and move on from here. Jesus knows exactly which one he is.

Thank you for your prayers!

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