Sunday, April 22, 2007

Recovery from surgery!

One of our boys, James, had to have galbladder surgery at the young age of 16. He is recoverying but can use your prayers, as he goes back to school. Pray that he will be able to catch back up on his school work that he missed out on, and pray for protection from elbows in busy hallways. He was at home with his mom, recovering from the surgery and we received a phone call about an arguement that was going on. Jim talked to James and told him that his mom is going through a lot right now in her life, and he needed to step up and be mature about this whole thing, he understood and hung up the phone. About a half an hour later, his mom called back crying, telling us that what ever Jim said to him thank you, because she just got the biggest hug ever from her son. God is using this young man, in a mighty way, in his families live's by the change they are seeing in his actions. Please pray for James recovery from this surgery and also for his family, when you think about it. His mom especially, she just went through one knee surgery about 6 weeks ago, and now has to have the same knee operated on, this Tuesday because it won't bend properly due to scar tissue. Thank you all for checking this blog, to get updates, please leave a comment so I know if I should keep this going.


robin said...

will pray

Boomer said...

Will keep praying!! Love the BLOG.