Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Prayer Please!

We are doing a lot of Praying, Planning, Preparing and Praying right now getting ready for our 15 year celebration.

God is about to do something big here and we are excited about what is about to happen. We are not sure what that is but because of all the trials we are going through getting ready for this big event we are sure God is going to show up in a very BIG way.

Jim is fighting pneumonia, I'm fighting brochitis, and My Aunt passed away yesterday. Visitations tomorrow, and funeral on Friday.

Please Pray! Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

my family is making sure you guys are in our prayers, I'm not sure what words I can give you except we LOVE you guys and we will continue to pray for you and Jim.

robin said...

I'm believing BIG for you guys as well!!!

let me know if we can help!