Friday, January 18, 2008


It seems like lately we have had some distractions in the race that we are in lately. Two biggest distractions being Jim's health and a flare up with my back. I read a devotional today that really spoke to me, we are not running in competition with other believers we are running against our enemies, the world, the flesh, the devil. I really believe God is about to perform a huge miracle here at Miracles Can Happen Boys Ranch and the devil doesn't like it so he is trying to distract us anyway he can in the race we are running. Please take the time to read this devotional that I read today by Greg Laurie. Wow, and the funny thing is I just spoke and wrote about the race we are running on Sunday. So let me ask you...............are you running as well as you can in the race God has placed you in or are you only offering a half-hearted effort?

Regarding Jim's appointment today with the allergist: he diagnosed him with eosinophilic non-allergic rhinitis and non-allergic asthma. He has him on 6 different prescriptions and needs to go back in 4 weeks. Hopefully, Jim, will get his health on the mend. Keep praying and keep running the race God has marked out for you!

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