Monday, October 25, 2010

Internet Cafe Fall Giveaway!

I love sitting back with a cup of pumpkin spice latte....and soaking in some good GOD stuff over at Internet Cafe! They are hosting a Fall into Jesus Giveaway .

I am so excited to be in on that drawing and would love to be blessed with one of the bundles but if not then somebody else needed it alot more than me and they will be blessed!

Just thought I would let you in on the fun fall into Jesus Giveaway. Most importantly...think about you yourself falling into JESUS this Fall because if you will most definately be picked up by the biggest arms you have ever felt and He will wrap you up and warm you up before Winter gets here!

Enjoy.....go over to Internet Cafe....and get filled up!

While I'm blogging about a fall giveaway I thought I needed to share a picture of my little babies in their fall picture! Since my kids are all grown and my grandkids all live faraway I have to settle for these 4 legged precious kids to give me all the lovin's!

Falling into Jesus,

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