Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sticky Christian Life!

The day I wrote this..... "Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to serve you even though sometimes it can get sticky and tangled in this christian walk just like the spider web."....our new houseparents household and the ministry got a little sticky and tangled.

Please pray for Dave and his family! Remember the other day when I posted about playing football out my front door? Well that day Dave was not playing with the boys because he was sleeping. He has another job as a police officer, besides being a houseparent at the ranch. However, while they were waiting for supper a few days later Kerry, the mom, was watching the boys play football on the ranch property. I'm guessing she didn't like what she saw! Her big strapping man down on the ground! This happened on Wednesday night and after an E.R. visit it was sad to hear that surgery was needed. He has a spiral break in his fibula and torn tendons and ligaments in his ankle. Friday morning he had a plate and 8 screws place inside his leg, an internal fixator. He is home in quite a bit of pain, and does not like being down.

So we are asking that you all please lift this family and ministry up to the Father up above. Pray for the courage for them to fight through this battle, and also Jim and I, to continue to fight!

Thank you all for your support and we will run this race with perseverance with your help!

Running for HIM,

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