Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Boys....Sunday afternoon football!

Today on a sunday afternoon I was doing what I like to do and that is catch up on some reading on some different Christian sites. I found a post where it talked about how to do some fall decorating on a budget. I got up right away and tried making these after I read about the idea. I love it! (very low cost!) As I was putting them on my table to see how I liked it I looked out my window and was soon taken out doors to this.

I love watching young boys and young men playing football on the ranch property. It is such an awesome site! So I thought I would share some awesome pictures I captured while watching them.

So thankful while capturing these pictures that God continues to send boys to the ranch. We are blessed to be chosen to share God's love with so many through this ministry.

Thank you God for letting us be your tools. Thank you also for sending the Clark family once again. We see great things that God has in store here.

Serving HIM,

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