Sunday, December 9, 2007

2 Pins equals 1st Place and 3 Nails equals 1st Place!

Andy says, "If I was not at the boys ranch right now I would probably be smoking cigarettes, drinking or in jail, but instead I'm out for wrestling and with the help of Jim and Curtis, I just got 1st place at my wrestling tournament yesterday." He pinned both of his opponents.
Andy is doing great and we are proud of the fact that he went out for wrestling. His record so far is 3 wins and 3 losses, his 3 wins are 3 PINS. He didn't wrestle last year because he was to busy trying to find trouble but we thank the Lord that he came to the ranch so he could change his life around.
He has a great personality, a great heart and has had a life changing experience so far here at the ranch. When he first came he had a no care attitude, when ever we gave him consequences he would say I don't care. He soon found out that you don't challenge Jim to have him help you care, because Jim doesn't give up trying to teach a young man that they need to care. I think Jim won that match, because Andy now cares about a lot of things.

Andy also wanted me to share with you his future plans. He is only a Freshman this year but he plans on staying on at the ranch until he graduates from High School. Then he says he is going to stay here at the ranch and help boys like him change their lives. He loves milking the cows and riding the horses. He wants to help Jim teach the boys how to milk the cows and work with the horses. This is a totally different boy than when we first met him. He now not only cares about his own life but is already making a public comment that he cares about other boys like him.
Jesus got pinned to the cross with 3 NAILS (pins) and won his match for all of us, if we only let him take us down to the foot of the cross and give our life over to Him. He is the ultimate winner and he definately won this match with this young man's life. Please remember to pray for Andy as he finishes the ultimate match, his life living for Jesus.

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