Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mary, my unsung hero!

About a year ago I wrote this little writing for a christian writing contest, didn't win, but thought I would share it with you this Christmas season.

"Mary, my unsug hero"

I can’t imagine being a young virgin girl, taking care of my everyday chores and suddenly a stranger just appears in my house. This stranger says something like, "Look at you! God has looked upon you as a special woman. God is with you!" Wow, I think if that happened to me that I would have to sit down and take a deep breath, before I fell down. Then I would be wondering why me? I’m just an ordinary girl. Why would God say that about me?

Then out of the blue this stranger says, "Hey, girl, calm down, it’s okay, God has picked you out of all the girls around to have you carry his Son. You will give birth to this child and you will call him Jesus." Wait a minute, that is so far fetched, there is no way, I have never slept with a man, how can this happen? The stranger answers "Yes there is a way, young one. The Holy Spirit will come down on you and the power of God will cover you. Anything is possible with God."

I can’t imagine I would tell this stranger that I understand everything he is saying and I do want to serve God with all my heart. So I will wait for this to happen.

How could I show my face when everyone knew I was not married, but pregnant? Then when the time came to have this baby holding him in my arms, knowing that some day I would watch him suffer, a very brutal death, to save the world. How could I do that?

How could she have possibly done this? As we approach this Christmas Season let us remember Jesus is our "HERO", He is the Reason! As an empty nested mother I would have to say that Mary is my unsung hero this Christmas, because She gave birth to Jesus and later let go of him trusting God to finish her job.

Thank you God for choosing Mary and not me!

I may not be a true empty nester but my blood children are all grown up now and it is hard to let them go. Not only have my own children left here but I have had to watch several boys that I have grown to love leave and let go of them trusting God to finish. I just want to revoice Thank you God for choosing Mary and not me!

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