Saturday, December 1, 2007

Down and Out!

I'm down and Jim is out! One thing Jim looks forward to every year is deer season, he loves to hunt and he enjoys supplying food for our table. Today is the first day for shot gun season. What a nice day for him to be out in, ICE and COLD. So that's what he is doing today OUT enjoying the ICE and COLD while I am down on the couch or recliner because my back is out. If you think about us please pray for my back, Jim's cough, (especially being out in this), the boys so I don't have to call Jim while I'm down and he is out.

Really, what I really want to share is it is times like this that the true heart of these boys show. They have been a huge help today, I haven't had an ounce of trouble. Sometimes when Jim is out hunting, the boys push me to the limit to see what I will do. I guess God knows what he is doing when he put me down with my back this time, I guess I needed some peace and quiet while Jim was out hunting. Seriously, though, it isn't fun and very painful so if you could send up an extra prayer please do.

Thanks for your prayers,

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